Antiimperialisme - Palestina - Solidaritet
Lars Akerhaug has finally come around to actually updating his blog (Norwegian only).


'I have in my hands a list'
Justin Raimondo from Antiwar.com claims to have found documentary evidence for an Israeli connection to the WTC and pentagon attacks.


WorldCom blew internet bubble
"IT WAS an essential ingredient of dotcom business plans and conference slide-shows: Internet traffic, went the industry's favourite statistic, doubles every 100 days. The claim assumed unimpeachable status when it appeared in a report published by America's Department of Commerce in April 1998. Unfortunately for the telecoms firms that rushed to build networks to carry the reported surge in traffic, it wasn't true.

So where did the claim come from? According to Andrew Odlyzko, a former researcher at AT&T who is now at the University of Minnesota, the short answer is WorldCom."
Eat the rich
"The controversial vessel known as The World sailed back into Oslo on Tuesday, only to be met by rain and a small band of protesters. The vessel hasn't been getting the warmest of welcomes at Norwegian ports."


Hunt for bin Laden goes online
With all the stories about Bin Laden hiding messages on porn sites, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if someone faked an Al Quaida message on pictures of nude girls. What I don't get is why they should use porn sites. Why not pictures birds or dinosaurs or locomotives?


Palestinian teams in Norway Cup
Search by country for "Palestina" to get a list of these Palestinian teams, and their match programs:

Norway Cup is the largest football tournament in the world.


Google art
Creating art with the color in the word highlighting in Google searches...


Message from a wannabe murderer
This was posted at the guestbook at skrewdriver.net saturday:

Name: Maxime
From: Paris
Sent: 13:01 GMT on 13 July

Watch the Tv This Sunday, i will be the star... Death to zog,88!

Norwegian gov ditches contract with Microsoft
Yay! Although I'll have to see it before I believe they actually will switch from Microsoft...


Health for all or riches for some?
"Can we still rely on the World Health Organisation? It has not openly opposed the greed of the major global pharmaceutical companies and its director-general, Gro Harlem Brundtland, has deferred to them."


Anthrax and Mr. Z
Was the man responsbile for the Anthrax letters in the US also involved in the mass spread of Anthrax in Zimbabwe during the liberation war?
10 of the best...revolutions... ever
Thanks to Alister Black for pointing out this top ten list by SSP MP Tommy Sheridan. My list would include the Chinese revolution, and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. And the Mao quote Tommy mentions is really from Chou En Lai.

The Democratic Fascist : Citizens For A Morally Pure America
This is of course a spoof site, but it's very believable to anyone who's seen Sean Hannity on Fox News, I guess.
SC rules: Earnings protected as 'Art'
Washington, D.C. (SatireWire.com) — In a surprise decision that exonerates dozens of major companies, the U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that corporate earnings statements should be protected as works of art, as they "create something from nothing."
A strange kind of freedom
"We all know about the perils of Islamic fanaticism. But, says Robert Fisk, the biggest threat to liberty in the US may come from other kinds of fundamentalism: Jewish and Christian"


USAnians believe constitution is communist
At least the 35% percent who believe the phrase “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” is in it...
This is illegal in Denmark
In a tremendously stupid verdict, Danish courts have ruled socalled 'deep linking illegal. To read about this story in Danish, go to Computerworld Denmark and you'll find it there, somewhere.


Me Frodo, you Jane
Aidan Hartley makes the point that if apes should have 'rights' they should also be punished for killing human children.
The Blogger International (Hyper Text Marxist-Leninists)?
Nice plug from Martin Wisse, who's got a blog far superior to mine. It seems he's setting up a socialist blogger international all by himself... Now that's something for the Leftist Trainspotters list...
He could add
Bjarke på nett
Alister Black
as well.


Man wearing 'Fugitive' t-shirt arrested
This means I'll have to ditch several of my own t-shirts, I guess. 'Public Enemy', 'Millions of dead cops' etc.


Palestinian bomb cat picture shocks civilised world
Has it come to this?
Big noises at odds over the sound of silence
This is one of the funniest battles over copyright/plagiarism I've ever seen!

"Mike Batt, the man behind the Wombles and Vanessa Mae, has put a silent 60-second track on the album of his latest classical chart-topping protégés, the Planets. This has enraged representatives of the avant-garde, experimentalist composer John Cage, who died in 1992. The silence on his group's album clearly sounds uncannily like 4'33", the silence composed by Cage in his prime.

Batt said last night: "I've received a letter on behalf of John Cage's music publishers. I was in hysterics when I read their letter."

"[...] my silence is original silence, not a quotation from his silence."