An Amish website???
Hey! they didn't have the Internet back in the 19th century!
Rosenborg tifo
Hehe. A joke for those who know a Scandinavian language...
Here's the original.


Mumia will understand
Can a revolutionary take a vacation? Huey Freeman in the Boondocks must be convinced. Read more about the creator of the Boondocks, Aaron McGruder in Freedom Road Magazine.


Lyn 1 - VIF 0
Aaargh. We were robbed. I'm not happy.

UPDATE: After a night to sleep on it, I've decided we weren't thje best team on the pitch. We were the best on the terraces, though:
Tifo pictures
Return to Sender -- 55,000 Times
Wried.com story on pro-Israeli email hacks.
U.S. soldiers exchange fire with allied Afghan troops

"The 10-minute firefight began Tuesday night when Afghan soldiers near Zormat district stopped the Americans and asked them for a password required for traveling on roads after a 9 p.m. curfew, Afghan commander Abul Matin Husainkhil said by satellite phone from nearby Gardez.

He said that the Americans did not know the password and that the two sides briefly fired at each other with automatic weapons."


Google Quiz
A good idea, but I can't be arsed to search for the answers...
Christian's work goes down a bomb
"The schoolboy whose GCSE coursework was blown up in a terrorist alert which closed Birmingham's New Street station discovered today that he had still passed his exam."

Nobody believed me when I told an almost exact same story to my teacher...

Ford Testifies to Stop Ride Sharing
"Washington DC - William Ford Jr., CEO of the Ford Motor Company testified before Congress about the nationwide problem of ride sharing. Ford cited ride swapping as the number one reason for the the company's declining revenue. "These 'pool pirates are depriving Ford of rightful income. Three sometimes four people are sharing rides. Less wear and tear on the cars means fewer new car purchases. That's revenue that's being robbed from Ford."
Yes, it's satire, but a good one.
The Communist-Iraqi Fifth Column
This is a must-read! according to the author, the revolutionary left in the US managed to dissuade Bill Clinton from attacking Iraq... If only...


No animal rights!
Brendan O'Neill has a good answer to all the animal rights people who have turned on him for admitting a bit of cruelty to animals in his youth.
"If I ever see sheep marching for their rights, I might support them. Until then I'll see them as nothing more than the source of woolly jumpers and tasty meat."
(scroll down for this piece)
Abu Sayyaf seizes 6 Christian preachers
What a fine job the US soldiers did...
Back from the dead: UK's new language
Cornish lives. Yay!
Wireless channel use sets up turf battle
One more reasn why I'm not looking forward to Starbucks coming to Oslo...


Australian postal service is up sheet street
"Toilet paper rationing in the workplace is the latest curious directive from the Australian postal service. Union leader Jim Metcher said a New South Wales manager on a cost-cutting drive shot off a "one sheet is enough" directive to sorting office staff."

Workers of the world, wipe!
Norwegian No-parties to improve Brussels network

The EU-critical parties are for opening a parliamentary office at the European Parliament in Brussels. The yes-saying parties are against...


Harry Steele
A new blog by Harry Steele, "For those of you who haven't come across me in various far-left online forums, let me introduce myself. I am a communist. The proper sort mind, not a trendy 'eurocommunist' not some career-minded 'reform communist', not a former communist turned government or World Bank adviser (you know who you are!).
Yep, I am a good old fashioned commie. Give me a bottle of rum, a Cuban beach and a hammer and sickle and I'm your man."


US Maoists
Dave Stitt has reorganised his page on US Maoists, a part of his tremendously cool Little Red Café.
New Paris track
From his upcoming 'Sonic Jihad' album, here is a new track by my favourite rapper ever:
Download 'What would you do? MP3 here

Here's the lyrics.

Officials Downplay Terror Suspect
"An American touted by Attorney General John Ashcroft as a significant terrorism figure with plans to detonate a radioactive bomb is probably a "small fish" with no ties to al-Qaida cell members in the United States, law enforcement officials say.
The FBI's investigation has produced no evidence that Jose Padilla had begun preparations for an attack and little reason to believe he had any support from al-Qaida to direct such a plot, said one of the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity."

How come I'm not surprised?


Downloads Did Not Cause The Music Slump
"Contrary to protests from record labels, piracy is not responsible for the 15 percent drop in music sales in the past two years. According to a new report from Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR), labels can restore industry growth by making it easier for people to find, copy, and pay for music on their own terms. By 2007, digital music revenues will reach more than $2 billion."
Open with caution
Shrinkwrapped books...
"This book arrived wrapped in plastic with a shrinkwrap license on the front," the doctor wrote. "It plainly says that by breaking the seal you agree to the terms of the license and if you don't agree you should return the book unopened. Is this what software licensing has led us to? This license says the book remains the property of Omnicare. Will they come up with a way to remotely disable the book if someone else reads it?"


A new Norwegian blog made by a friend and comrade-in-arms in the struggle for the nynorsk language, Eva Marie Mathisen.


The PowerPoint That Rocked the Pentagon
"Diplomatic china rattled in Washington and cracked in Riyadh yesterday when the Washington Post published a story about a briefing given to a Pentagon advisory group last month. The briefing declared Saudi Arabia an enemy of the United States and advocated that the United States invade the country, seize its oil fields, and confiscate its financial assets unless the Saudis stop supporting the anti-Western terror network.

The Page One story, by Thomas E. Ricks ("Briefing Depicted Saudis as Enemies: Ultimatum Urged To Pentagon Board," Aug. 6), described a 24-slide presentation given by Rand Corp. analyst Laurent Murawiec on July 10, 2002, to the Defense Policy Board, a committee of foreign policy wonks and former government officials that advises the Pentagon on defense issues. Murawiec's PowerPoint scenario, which is reproduced for the first time below, makes him sound like an aspiring Dr. Strangelove."
Marc Herold: Counting the dead
"Attempts to hide the number of Afghan civilians killed by US bombs are an affront to justice."
Google Watch
How is this for a conspiracy?
Women who put babies up for adoption required to publish sexual pasts
Bomb Florida for women's liberation!


Bjørn Stærk blog
Bjørn Stærk is back and blogging. I disagree with him about everything except the EU (and even in that question he's against it for all the wrong reasons), but he's worth reading.


Deaf boy arrested for rude sign language
"Dozy cops nicked a deaf and dumb lad — because they thought his sign language was a rude gesture."


Tensions over war plans for Iraq
John Edmundson writes in The Workers Party of New Zealands 'Spark:
"Rumours have been rife for months on the left that the United States is preparing for a new war on Iraq. Many commentators have suggested that this new war could take place as early as this October, pointing to the mid-term elections in the United States as the motivation for a new round of fighting. The call has been going out to leftists and the peace movement to prepare now for this eventuality.

But is it really that certain that there will be a war? Is Bush about to go to war just to rally support for the Republican electoral campaign? Many would say yes, he will do just that. Increasingly though, evidence suggests that there are deep divisions within the US ruling class over the wisdom of a new war in the Gulf. It just might be that the smart minds in the US elite don’t want a war at all."

"Whether or not George W Bush goes to war against Iraq, the killing and dying will go on. But if we are to be taken seriously, and are to be effective in building anti-imperialism, we must not fall into the trap of crying ‘wolf’ every time another leaked report emerges from Washington. There is a path that we can take, which enables us to respond quickly and intelligently in the event that war does become inevitable. We need to keep campaigning against the UN’s sanctions policy. We need to keep campaigning against the ongoing ‘no fly zones’ and the regular bombing raids that are occurring right now in Iraq. We need to be informed and armed with the best information we can get so that we are ready to act in the event that an escalation of the war does take place. Ultimately, the best way to prepare for building opposition to a possible new war on Iraq is to oppose the one that’s already happening."