Wired News: Letter: Free Software Hurts U.S.
"An attack on the software license behind the Linux operating system has stirred up a free software controversy in Washington.

Earlier this week, three members of the House of Representatives, Adam Smith (D-Wash.), Ron Kind (D-Wis.) and Jim Davis (D-Fla.), sent a note to 74 Democrats in Congress attacking Linux's GNU General Public License (GPL) as a threat to America's "innovation and security.""


Military imprecision
Can't believe I missed this one by Brendan O'Neil: a top ten list of military blunders in the 'War on terror'.


SSP News : News from the Scottish Socialist Party
Another party blog... Like this one.
The Onion | RIAA Sues Radio Stations For Giving Away Free Music
"LOS ANGELES—The Recording Industry Association of America filed a $7.1 billion lawsuit against the nation's radio stations Monday, accusing them of freely distributing copyrighted music."