Fighters Shadow NYC Bound Airliner
Canadian fighter planes escort an Indian jet liner en route to New York. UPDATE: The plane has landed, and the FBI interviews the 'suspicious passenger'.
Mühlegg: "Extra-terrestrials helped me”
Aha. So it's just some other kind dope he has taken...
Don't want to be slobogoogled?
Try the steps on this page if you want some information about yourself removed from Google.
The 'axes of evil'
Bush see the 'axes of evil' in Korea.
We need to execute people to scare the liberals
So many people search for the above lin I moved it up front.
I dont' know why people are looking for this story now. Is it because of this wsws.org article?
Kyrgyzstan: Pay your way out of the army!
"But if the conditions are disagreeable, a payment can be done to avoid the conscription. The law says, “it is necessary to do a payment at the rate of an annual maintenance of one soldier in the national army.” The authors of the project estimated the sum at the rate of $520 (25,000 Kyrgyz som)."
Settlers bury palestinians in pigskin
"Jewish residents of the settlements of Gush Katif and Efrat say they defiled the corpses of Palestinian terrorists with pork byproducts "to deprive them of the fruits of paradise," the London Daily Telegraph reported."
Vålerenga - ManUre 30/7
Yeah, I know, it's only a show-game, but still: I do look forward to see VIF give Manchester United a trashing this summer.
UPDATE: Beckham as hindu god!
Slobogoogling for profit and pleasure
On this page a guy called Ben Sheriff has set up a slobo-googler - a page where all the names in a petition in support of Slobodan Milosevic are added to a google.com search query. Obsessive?
The slobogoogle blog is still added too.
Some people have aired their opposition to this rather strange 'meme'.


Bootlegs, remixes and sampling madness
Fantastic resource of mash-ups and bootleg remixes.
Maoists resemble al-Qaeda, says US Ambassador
So, the US will go after the CPN (M) too?
Terror prisoners escape military tribunals

"[USA] has failed to compile evidence identifying any of the 500 prisoners it is holding from the Afghanistan war as suitable candidates for a military tribunal, the Pentagon conceded yesterday."


New Front on Ecoterror?
This is incredible: People for Ethical Treatment of Animals discussed for inclusion on list of terrorist groups.
Surveillance by Secret Service more extensive than assumed
This short piece really doesn'y tell the whole story: out of the 446 people who have been allowed to access their Secret Service-files, over 200 have been illegally surveilled Tens of thousands of names are in those filing cabinets...
US Army Coloring Book
See it to (dis)believe it!
'Crazy american bastards: a Korean history lesson
James Heartfield's weekly column, this time on a North Korean-US incident in 1976.


Norwegian sports boss threatens to quit over doping scandal
"Norway's top athletics official is furious over what he sees as a lukewarm reaction to drug use by three Olympic athletes. Unless they're stripped of all their medals, he says he'll quit."


The pro-war rightwingers of the blogsphere have begun ´googling` the signers of this petition.
Matt Welch started it all. This has led to posts like these from Damien Penny and David Janes. There is even a Slobogoogle blog set up just for this purpose!
Hermit Bosnian convinced war still on
This story reads like an Emir Kosturica movie...
Pashtuns flee to Pakistan fearing country's descent into violent chaos
"AS many as 20,000 Afghan Pashtuns are reported to have flooded across the Pakistan border crossing at Chaman in the last few days in an ominous re-run of the mass exodus which followed ethnic purges and outright civil war in the 1990s, following Russian occupation.

News of the outflow of refugees comes on the day a leaked CIA assessment warns that the country is in danger of disintegrating into "violent chaos" as rival warlords jockey for power and calls for direct international intervention to prevent disaster."

Israel's colonial war
Aijaz Ahmad: "In seeking to topple Yasser Arafat, disorganise the Palestinian Authority and force as many Palestinians as possible to leave Palestinian territory, Israel is trying to consolidate a racist settler-colonial state modelled on the classical colonialisms of the 19th century."
Philippines: Gov't-NDF talks snagged
"Peace talks with the communist National Democratic Front (NDF) has hit another snag with the government insisting the two panels should now focus their discussion on the provisions of a draft final agreement."
US helicopter crash raises questions of VFA violation
The chopper flew in violation of the Visiting Forces Agreement, Liza Masa (Bayan Muna rep.) states.

MILF protests attempts to link them with Abu Sayyaf.


News on Nepal
Today the CPN (M) has called a 'bandh', or general strike, in Nepal.
Here is a picture from the streets of Kathmandu.
This is a report on the battle in Acham.
This is an interesting interview with former brigadier-general of the Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) Dipta Prakash Jung Shaha about the RNA and their counterevolutionary war against the CPN (M).
'This time, Bob, it's personal'
Barrie Collins at spiked! writes: "Mbeki is right. The real issue for the West is not the accountability of the Zimbabwean government to its people, but the West's dissatisfaction with the Zimbabwean government's lack of compliance with its demands. Since the end of the Cold War, the USA and the UK have got used to a high degree of compliance on the part of African governments - and they are no longer prepared to tolerate those that insist doing things their own way. Faced with less than full compliance on the key issues of land reform and military withdrawal from the Congo, the international community is bringing out the big stick."


Norwegians revive historic dispute over Western Isles
Liberate Orkney and the Shetlands from the EU - make Norway pay 58000 florins of the Rhine!

Update: Iain Murray also comments on this story.
Afghans insist Paras not shot at
"Afghan police have said a British paratroop team which opened fire on a family taking a pregnant woman to hospital - killing one and injuring four - was not shot at first."
U.S. air strikes back Afghan leader
"U.S. forces appear to have opened a new phase in the war in Afghanistan with two bombing raids over the weekend that Afghan commanders in the area said were aimed at clashing militias rather than at the Taliban or Al Qaeda."

War-monger and fellow Norwegian Fredrik Norman links to a couple of stories on the US, Iran and Afghanistan. It's obvious the US will use it's military presence in central-Asia to pressure Iran. This is in direct conflict with European interests, which helps explain this Der Spiegel cover.
Current dry spell due to bombing in Afghanistan
"ISLAMABAD, Feb 18: The current dry spell in the arid areas is a direct result of nuclear detonations in Pokhran (India) and Chaghi (Pakistan), and the recent bombings in Afghanistan, an agricultural expert, Dr Zafar Altaf, told Dawn.

"The current dry spell is more of an environmental problem than Al-nino phenomena," Dr Altaf, who recently retired as the federal secretary, Food and Agriculture, said."
Video games raise concerns over racism
The ADL thinks open-source is bad because nazis can use the programs too...


The war on terror never ends
Spot-on comic by Peter Bagge.
NATO to makes plans for coup in case of war
At least they are open and honest about it...

"[...]if Norway is attacked, NATO generals likely would take direct control of the situation and dispatch troops at the ready. These would likely include a so-called NATO Composite Force, made up of American and German field batallions that already have supplies stored in Norway, a NATO marine brigade made up largely of Americans and a British-Dutch amphibian force with helicopters."
Moat around US embassy in Oslo?
In this Norwegian-language article you can see a picture of an architect-drawing of the US embassy in Oslo with a moat!

English language article on US embassy in Oslo, without moat picture.


All liberals, report for re-education
Thanks to rc3.org I found this article:
"We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed too," pundit Ann Coulter told this month's meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference. "Otherwise they will turn out to be outright traitors."
Baghdad Olympics 2012
"Saddam Hussein has confirmed plans to build a new 100,000 capacity Olympic-standard sports stadium in Baghdad.

It has led to speculation that Iraq will bid to host the Olympic Games in 2012, when London may also apply."
Let's fight the Imperialists Terror!
"Support the Nepalese People’s war on the eve of the 6th Anniversary

Today the world is suffering from the terror of the imperialist warlords but at the same time heroic people of Nepal are fighting to establish the new democratic and socialist society under the leadership of the vanguard party of Nepalese proletariat CPN (M). The people’s war was initiated on February 13, 1996 which marks a historical importance. Now it is entering in its seventh year with the new possibilities and qualitative achievement. On the other side the challenges also increasing while it appears the alarm for imperialists and expansionists. People’s war is now able to establish the base areas throughout the country and mobilising the millions of masses to determine their own fate by themselves. Indian expansionism and US imperialist with their lackeys countering the Peoples war by labelling as a terrorists. But the reality is different they are backing the corrupts, murderers and the feudal lords, killing of thousands of innocent people, rape and gang rapes of thousands of women, torture and plunder."


Kurdish parties reject US moves to unseat Saddam
Good news from Iraq.
15 minutes of fame
Get a Warholesque portrait of yourself shown on the Internet for 15 minutes.
'Fort America' infuriates Oslo residents
"The US Embassy in Oslo has sat on a prime location at one of the city's most heavily trafficked intersections for more than 40 years. Now the US is intent on turning the site into a virtual fortress. Angry local residents are gearing for an attack."
Who's that girl?
"[Colin] Powell seemed somewhat taken aback by Norway's Ida Norheim-Hagtun, 19, who asked how he felt representing a state she said was seen as a "satan of contemporary politics."

Powell had to ask his Norwegian interrogator to repeat the question before replying, "Far from being the great satan, I would say that we are the great protector." He added that U.S. troops had "saved Europe."

UPDATE! Here's a video of Ida's question.
LIve from Salt Lake 2002
This is the Blog of a securoty guy at the Winter Olympics. It's a fun read.


Bush: United Behind America by Finishing Behind America
"Park City, Utah (SatireWire.com) — Saying there could be no greater blow to the enemies of freedom than to see the United States win gold, President George W. Bush today called upon non-U.S. Olympians to unite behind America by finishing behind America."

Hee-hee. SatireWire is definitely beating The Onion these days.
Guantanamo bay POW's include Christians
Christians are among the prisoners in 'Camp X-ray'...
Spokesman: Afghan Attackers Organized
"Two U.S. soldiers were slightly wounded when intruders fired on U.S. positions to the north and west of the base, the Army said. Late Thursday, flares were fired from U.S. positions after troops saw a vehicle with three passengers about a mile southwest of the airfield, Army spokesman Maj. A.C. Roper said. Two other people were seen near the vehicle."

Is this how bin Laden escaped?
Bruce Anderson of the Spectator says that American fear of casualties almost certainly stopped the SAS from killing Osama bin Laden in this war-mongering, chest-beating article.

No love lost for bin Laden, but the peoples of the world must thank the Vietnamese for giving the US their Vietnam-syndrome.
Backdrop to Black Hawk Down
"In Somalia itself, hundreds of people checked out bootleg copies of the movie in Mogadishu. At those showings, there was silence as Somali people fell to U.S. bullets. When U.S. Black Hawks fell and invading soldiers got hit, the crowds broke into applause."
Revolutionary Comrade Valentine's Day Greetings
Check out this site from the Freedom Road Socialist Organisation.
Panama got me
The socalled Panama-virus got me, and the blog hasn't been updated for a couple of days. This will change.


Politician wants public sector to dump Microsoft
"Red Electoral Alliance Party (RV) leader Aslak Sira Myhre insists that local authorities drop Microsoft and other licensed software and switch to free programs and operating systems."
Bush's Global Terrorist War and the September 11th Events
Ray O. Light group article on the US war drive.
The Hopeless And The Rest Of Us...
A very good article on the liberal left and the working class by Joe Reilly of Red Action.
Left-wing EU turnaround
"Socialist People’s Party boss Holger K. Nielsen and fellow left-winger, Unity List EU spokesman Keld Albrechtsen, have rather surprisingly thrown their support behind the move for a new EU referendum to rid the country of its restrictive justice and defence opt-outs."
Jon Børge Hansen has made a modest start at a blog, called 'The War'.
Constituent assembley can stop civil war in Nepal
Statement from Binod Sharma of the CPN (M).


Movie stars, directors join Balikatan protests
The Concerned Artists of the Philippines are building a movement against the US troops at Balikatan.


Blair heckled by girl as he defends Afghan bombing
Go, girl!
Haunted houses on Iceland
On Iceland the question is: "Can a seller of a house be held accountable to the buyer if the house in question is haunted?"
Quote of the day: “Some people don’t mind, while others are fearful of the haunting,” Gudjónsson said, “but it depends on the ghost. An Icelandic ghost is usually no problem, but if it’s a foreign poltergeist that doesn’t know how to behave in an Icelandic house, then tenants usually have a problem.”
Mullahs and Heretics
Tariq Ali on Islam, well worth a read.
Why I had to resign for the ICA
"The pillar of shock establishment has proved it can't stand dissent."
More Naxal violence apprehended in Bihar
This is a very interesting article on the strength of the Naxalites in Bihar.


Bring back our tribes
"Without ideological guidelines to navigate by, politics becomes an impenetrably tedious business, of little interest to anybody outside Westminster. If Manchester United fans had to form an opinion on the details of its latest share trading in order to care whether their team won on Saturday, Old Trafford would very soon be empty."
The Lord of the Rings: on fantasy or in defence of reality
Hans Isaksson reviews Lord of the Rings in Indian communist magazine 'LIberation'.
Passed Over, Syria, China, Libya Form Axis of Just As Evil
"Beijing (SatireWire.com) — Bitter after being snubbed for membership in the "Axis of Evil," Libya, China, and Syria today announced they had formed the "Axis of Just as Evil," which they said would be way eviler than that stupid Iran-Iraq-North Korea axis President Bush warned of his State of the Union address."
Report: U.S. paid villagers over raid
"Afghan officials say the United States has conceded that a deadly raid in a southern Afghan village two weeks ago was a mistake and that families of those killed had been given compensation — in $100 bills — according to a report broadcast Monday."


Schools should teach 'white pride' - report

Multiculturalism gone mad... ""The challenge here is for teachers to instill their pupils with pride in white culture without it becoming nationalistic or racist." It [a Department for Education report] said English culture had been reduced to a stereotype of 'roast beef and morris dancers', reports the Daily Mail. The document ads: "It is as if white culture is hardly a culture at all - it is simply taken as the norm by which every other culture is judged."
Oklahoma Governor: Racial Profiling Would Help Fight Against Terrorism
This reads as a not very funny The Onion story, but it's from Fox News.
A leftist Norwegian blog I came across today. I got some criticism from Kathy at On the third hand for not linking many blogs from this page. Well, I will link to any blog in this middle section, but I don't think I will be able to link to each and every one on my page. However, below the 'Blogger' button there is a random link to a blog in the blogsnob system, and I've got a link to Bearstrong's list of Norwegian Blogs.


Grumblings surface during `Balikatan'
"Filipino troops will get military training coming ut of their ears with the start in April of the regularly scheduled annual Balikatan -- literally shoulder-to-shoulder -- joint exercise with US soldiers under the Visiting Forces Agreement.

But contrary to the intended camaraderie the joint exercises are supposed to foster, grumblings have been heard from several Filipino participants there."
Innocent Muslims killed as Bush allies 'crusade'
"Shootings and torture by security forces are spreading fear in the Philippines, the new flashpoint in the US war." Film-makers Jonathan Miller and Rob Lemkin report.
NA forces killed 400 Malakand men: witness
"TIMERGARA, Feb 2: About 400 ordinary combatants from Malakand Division were killed by the Northern Alliance forces when they laid down their weapons after the fall of Mazar-i-Sharif. This was disclosed by Haji Jamshed, who escaped from a cell of Northern Alliance, while talking to journalists at his residence in Alladand, Malakand Agency, on Friday.

He said that he was among the other 600 volunteers who surrendered to the Northern Alliance forces after the Taliban's fall. He added that they all were brought to a school in Mazar-i-Sharif where the Northern Alliance forces killed about 400 Pakistanis in a torture cell."
Fugitive opposition leader held in Tunis

"A Tunisian opposition leader, Hamma Hammami, who emerged from years in hiding on Saturday has been arrested in a courtroom in Tunis. [...] Mr Hammami and his colleagues, all members of the illegal Communist Workers Party of Tunisia had decided to surrender to the court so they could appeal against nine-year prison sentences handed down in 1999 after what they said was an unfair trial."
Read story on why censoring Islamists may go very bad.
Criticism of Porto Alegre
This is a letter from Brazilian unionists who will not take part in the World Social Forum.
Indignity of Labour
Julie Burchill writes about the treatment of asbestos victims. "Surely the world has truly gone mad when a party calling itself Labour presides over a culture which seems to value the lives of its labouring class ever more cheaply - and the multi-millionaire fashion designer Giorgio Armani announces that his next collection will "pay homage to the workers, to the dignity of the workers with their simplicity and straightforwardness."
CNN disinformation
This CNN video has not been taken down or changed, and they continue the slander that NPA shot the American tourist on the Philippines.
Peace in Afghanistan...
U.S. troops likely killed anti-Taliban forces by mistake, sources say
Governor's forces routed in bitter tribal fighting
US Set for Long Stay in Central Asia

Villagers Add to Reports of Raids Gone Astray


""Let's roll," the stirring cry used by Todd Beamer when he and others encountered terrorists aboard United Airlines Flight 93 on Sept. 11, should be a protected trademark, a foundation set up in his name said today. "


Pakistan: Peasant women fight back against the feudals backed by the state
This is the story of the liberatede areas in Hashtnagar in Punjab.
Hit American plane violated VFA?
"The airborne US Air Force cargo plane shot twice from the ground while on a training mission Thursday may have been in violation of the RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA). A US official told reporters that there were no Filipino military pilots among the crew, indicating that the flight was a unilateral one. Unilateral flights are not allowed under the VFA. The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed such violations by the US military in a report it had submitted to Malacañang." The US is already blatantly breaching VFA...
Philippines: NPA role in foreign tourists' ambush dismissed
It was kinda obvious if you ask me. Nobody did, but they asked Central Luzon police director Chief Supt. Reynaldo Berroya. He " is not considering the New People's Army as one of the possible attackers of the two foreigners who were ambushed at the foothills of Mt. Pinatubo in Porac, Pampanga".