Let's fight the Imperialists Terror!
"Support the Nepalese People’s war on the eve of the 6th Anniversary

Today the world is suffering from the terror of the imperialist warlords but at the same time heroic people of Nepal are fighting to establish the new democratic and socialist society under the leadership of the vanguard party of Nepalese proletariat CPN (M). The people’s war was initiated on February 13, 1996 which marks a historical importance. Now it is entering in its seventh year with the new possibilities and qualitative achievement. On the other side the challenges also increasing while it appears the alarm for imperialists and expansionists. People’s war is now able to establish the base areas throughout the country and mobilising the millions of masses to determine their own fate by themselves. Indian expansionism and US imperialist with their lackeys countering the Peoples war by labelling as a terrorists. But the reality is different they are backing the corrupts, murderers and the feudal lords, killing of thousands of innocent people, rape and gang rapes of thousands of women, torture and plunder."

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