Hunters up in arms after EU game proposal
"EU bureaucrats in Brussels are preparing legislation so shocking for Norwegian hunters that they don't know whether to laugh or cry. The EU wants all game butchered at approved plants and immediately frozen. A trained specialist must be in the vicinity to assess the suitability of the game as food. Further, the EU wants to ban giving game to family or friends."

Now, my hope is this: the Norwegian government finally shows some guts and ardently refuses this. If the Eu still pressurizes Norway into this, we'll never, ever vote 'Yes', and most likely the demand to ditch the undemocratic European Economic Agreement will rise. So, for once I say: Go Brussels, don't back down now!

UPDATE: Fellow Norwegian and not-so-fellow Ayn RandianFredrik Norman also comments on this. A right-left convergence if I ever saw one.

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