Lingual minorities in Norway
This site opened recently. It's run by Læringssenteret, which is a state institution for developing textbooks and software for schools. They've made a site for lingual minorities in Norway, but should have done some more fact- and spellchecking, I think:
"The website is currently available in four languages: Norwegian, English, Spanish and Albanian. The plan is to gradually translate the site into more languages when it becomes possible to be able to read other fonts than alphabetic language on the Internet. This is difficult at the present time, but we are working on the problem so that we can translate the website into more languages"

"At the moment some parts of translations are not available in English, Spanish and Albanian."

"Choose who you want to be: pupil, parent/guardian, school employee
In the left panel under the title ”Skolenettet” you can choose to receive information especially designed for those who want to use the pages."

"On these pages you will find information on colleges and universities, and their course, in Norway."

This site reminds me of engrish.com...

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