News on Venezuela coup
Chavez did NOT resign:
Election pledge for Venezuela
"Chavez's version

Military leaders said Mr Chavez resigned at their insistence after he ordered troops and civilian gunmen to fire on a crowd of more than 150,000. At least 13 people died and more than 240 were injured. But Mr Chavez's daughter insisted he was the victim of a coup. "It is a lie, all lies. He said he never resigned, that a group of military took him away and he is being held incommunicado," she said. Mr Chavez won a landslide victory in 1998, six years after he led an abortive coup as a young paratroop officer. Following events of the last few days, oil production and distribution are beginning to return to normal for the world's fourth-largest oil producer after workers abandoned their action."

[NB!] But PDVSA has suspended oil exports to Cuba in protest at Havana's support for Mr Chavez who agreed cheap rates with President Fidel Castro.

U.S. gasoline prices tumble as Chavez exits
"U.S. oil prices fell heavily for the second straight day on Friday as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez' resignation eased disruptions at the key U.S. supplier and brightened drivers' hopes for cheaper gasoline at the pump this summer."

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