Numbers game
Instapundit writes: "50,000 PEOPLE ARE DEMONSTRATING IN LONDON AGAINST WAR: Though the press accounts probably won't make a lot of this point, that's less than 1/8 as many as demonstrated against a ban on fox-hunting last weekend."
Well, The Independent does just that, but has a rather more favourable comparison than Glenn's:
"Up to 350,000 people marched in London yesterday against military action in Iraq. And they were not the 'usual suspects'"
"The Stop the War Coalition's aims were self-evident, and the demonstration was merely the latest in a series it has mounted since before the US went into Afghanistan. But it had never drawn support like this before, and the scenes along the Embankment, where the wait to get moving lasted up to three hours, could be compared only with last week's effort by the Countryside Alliance. September, it seems, has become the marching season."
UPDATE: Here is a Guardian article on the counting of demonstrators.
UPDATE II: Instapundit quotes me as saying: "Uh... the date was chosen because of the two year anniversary of the Al-Aqsa intifada." I have to say that I'm not absolutely sure that this is the case in the UK, but it was so for the demo in Oslo.

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