Blogs or indymedia?
There seems to be a difference in how the left and the right take on the possibilities on Internet publishing.
Check out these articles on Internet self-publishing:
Justin Raimondo: THE WARBLOGGERS
Justin Raimondo: 'CRONY CAPITALISM' & WAR
Tim Cavanaugh: Let Slip the Blogs of War
Theta Pavis: The rise of the Independent Media Center movement

Bear with me with some generalisations for the next paragraphs. The left strategy is to build 'independent' media, make our own news, tape our own videos. The IMC's are about writing the newsstories on the news we make, as activists. The right-wing blogger scene are more concerned with commenting on newsstories found in the corporate media.

I'm onto something, but I have to think more about it. Hold your breath...

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