Stop British meddling in Zimbabwe!
"Britain is engaging in blatant interference in the democratic process of an independent state! Imperialism's open support for the MDC and constant slanders of ZANU-PF are designed to impose their will on Zimbabwe, to re-colonise Zimbabwe and keep it safe for continued exploitation. In this context the moves taken by ZANU-PF to prevent hostile foreign journalists and 'monitors' from interfering is wholly justified and should be supported (Mugabe has said that he has no objection to monitors from the UN and the SADC, as long as the British are not involved!). Progressive people should support the continuing right of Zimbabweans to choose an independent future for themselves, free from enslavement by imperialism." writes Beth handley in the excellent journal of the SLP Youth , The Spark.
For rightist reasons for UK to keep out of Zimbabwe, read Airstrip One.

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