LO calls for Israeli boycott
"Norway's largest labour organization, the Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions (LO), is calling for a boycott of all Israeli products. LO is a long-time supporter of Israel, but now has clearly lost patience with the Israeli government's ongoing aggression in Palestinian areas.", Aftenposten reports.

"The action by LO is significant, because LO is a traditional supporter of Israel with longtime ties to Israel's Labour party and labour movement. Norway in general has spent years trying to help bring peace to the region, and has spent millions of taxpayer funds on peace initiatives and aid to both sides."

Warbloggers will be pleased to note the last paragraph:
"With its call for a boycott, LO now risks being hit with a flood of hate mail like that aimed recently at Norway's embassy in the US and Norwegian media outlets, from Israeli supporters who won't tolerate criticism of or opposition to Israeli policies."

The rest of us can be pleased at this: Sale of Israeli vegetables are down 30%, as are the sale of Israeli wines from the Vinmonopolet, the state monopoly on wines and liqour.

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