Oxfam: EU protectionist against poor countries
"A report by Oxfam finds that the EU has higher barriers than any other large industrialised economy to imports from developing countries, despite its move last year to open its market to products from the very poorest nations. Oxfam claims that by preaching free trade while protecting their own markets, the world's poorest countries are being robbed off billions of dollars each year."

"Oxfam says developing countries lose 100billion a year
Oxfam ranks Europe first according to an index, which measures protectionism by the world's biggest trading powers, followed by the US, Canada and Japan. Oxfam estimated that high tariffs and subsidies cost poor countries 100billion dollars a year, which is twice as much as they receive in aid, the Guardian writes."

This story came as no surprise. This one, however, shook me a bit:
Norway: Majority now backs EU membership

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