England 1 - Argentina 0
Nestor Gorojovsky from Buenos Aires writes:

"Such is life.

England won the Argentine-England match on the World Soccer Cup.

Penalty by Pochettino, 1-0, the whole English team ran back to their field and made access to the goal line impossible. The right thing to do.

England deserved the victory. I send my homage to that great lion Seaman (a goalkeeper of 39 who gallantly became a youthful Gallahad against Argentinean attackers), my warm salute to the British working
class who offered her best children to the team, and another -less warm- one to the former colonial subjects who make their old slaveowning and opium-introducing masters the present of their talents.

But I want to add a domestic, Argentinean, political comment.

During the whole week before the match, the Argentinean media were hammering in our heads the wishy-washy and false idea that this was "just another match". Demalvinisation is still full gear. They were trying to make us forget the obvious symbolism of the situation: "if we can at least be better than them on soccer, then we can expect to be better than them on any field of human life"

The English fans gave them the answer: when they realized (say, around the 35/40 minutes of the second part) that they were winning the match, a brass band that was with them began to play "Rule Britannia".

They don't forget. Neither do we. Only the commercial media in Argentina look elsewhere.
Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky"

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