G8 murder squad
Dawn from Canada writes: "Brig.-Gen. Ivan Fenton has publically covered his ass for deaths of unarmed civilians and peaceful protesters at the upcoming Greed8 summit in Kananaskis.

In an interview with the calgary herald, Fenton said "terrorists could very easily use the "peaceful" protesters as a cover to slip into Kananaskis" and that "his soldiers might mistake a protester for a terrorist if there's a confrontation in the dark, forested environment of Kananaskis."

This is so frustrating. How many problems today can be attributed to terror or terrorism? How easy is it for the people in power to do so? I fear attending the Greed8 in Kananaskis, I am too scared to excercise my democratic right to protest."

Here in Oslo there has been a lot of fear-inducing statements from the police in the run up to the Worldbank ABCDE-conference in june, but none as bad as this.

I hope the mobilistations are large and defiant, to counter such propaganda of fear.

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