Hurra! Kongen har gått av!

Kong Gyanendra av Nepal har gått av!

Oppdatering: Eller kanskje ikkje?
United we blog!
The much awaited address by king has only solidified his ambition to remain in power.

In his 5 minute long speech, king has tried to take credit for his direct rule and seems reluctant to give power to the people. He has cited clause 35 of 1990’s constitution and asked SPA leaders to come up with a name of Prime Minister. Until such name is fixed, the king has declared that he is clinging to the power.This is an utter deception. He is not willing to give up the power yet. This is only a cosmetic change and no one should believe in his words.

It is done only to manage the growing international pressure upon him. He should have cited clause 128 by which a powerful PM could be appointed. He is not ready to bring the Maoist in mainstream politics which is the major concern of the people. He should have asked SPA to form an interim government that will eventually hold election for unconditional Constituent Assembly.

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