Godzilla mot Mothra, ei filmmelding

This was a great movie for kids--very scary and done with the equivalent
of erector sets--no need for great capitalist wealth.
Produced dialectically by nuclear weapons testing and other pollution,
the monster character Godzilla
and The Thing (Mothra) defeat the combined U.$. and Japanese
imperialist militaries before turning to intra-proletarian
So on the whole the movie is ultra-left in depicting two hugely
powerful forces wreaking havoc on imperialism. These forces are
so great that they can afford not to be united at the end of the
movie. Thus we blame the director of Godzilla for an overly
optimistic view. Despite our criticism, there is more proletarian
ideology in Godzilla than Michael Moore and all of Amerika's combined
union so-called struggles.
Det er ikkje eg som har skrive meldinga, men ein medarbeidar i Maoist Internationalist Movement.

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