""Let's roll," the stirring cry used by Todd Beamer when he and others encountered terrorists aboard United Airlines Flight 93 on Sept. 11, should be a protected trademark, a foundation set up in his name said today. "


Pakistan: Peasant women fight back against the feudals backed by the state
This is the story of the liberatede areas in Hashtnagar in Punjab.
Hit American plane violated VFA?
"The airborne US Air Force cargo plane shot twice from the ground while on a training mission Thursday may have been in violation of the RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA). A US official told reporters that there were no Filipino military pilots among the crew, indicating that the flight was a unilateral one. Unilateral flights are not allowed under the VFA. The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed such violations by the US military in a report it had submitted to Malacañang." The US is already blatantly breaching VFA...
Philippines: NPA role in foreign tourists' ambush dismissed
It was kinda obvious if you ask me. Nobody did, but they asked Central Luzon police director Chief Supt. Reynaldo Berroya. He " is not considering the New People's Army as one of the possible attackers of the two foreigners who were ambushed at the foothills of Mt. Pinatubo in Porac, Pampanga".


'Local Americans' claim US mandate for bitter campaign
"Rival warlords in southern Afghanistan have begun a campaign of reprisals in the countryside, beating villagers, stealing cars, and looting houses under the pretext of helping the United States root out Taliban leaders."
"Anyone who complains about us belongs to al-Qaeda," declared Abdullah, a deputy commander of a gang of fighters in mismatched camouflage."
So rich kids do not want to become plumbers, you say?
There is a lack of craftsmen in Norway. The ingenious idea came up: why not woo the spoiled brats in Oslo West End with canapés and limos to make them get a decent job? It didn't work.
Charities put lion before the starving
The story of the oneeyed lion in Kabul generated £275,000 in Donations. £160,000 from the UK, of course.
Stop British meddling in Zimbabwe!
"Britain is engaging in blatant interference in the democratic process of an independent state! Imperialism's open support for the MDC and constant slanders of ZANU-PF are designed to impose their will on Zimbabwe, to re-colonise Zimbabwe and keep it safe for continued exploitation. In this context the moves taken by ZANU-PF to prevent hostile foreign journalists and 'monitors' from interfering is wholly justified and should be supported (Mugabe has said that he has no objection to monitors from the UN and the SADC, as long as the British are not involved!). Progressive people should support the continuing right of Zimbabweans to choose an independent future for themselves, free from enslavement by imperialism." writes Beth handley in the excellent journal of the SLP Youth , The Spark.
For rightist reasons for UK to keep out of Zimbabwe, read Airstrip One.


It's a vision thing
Julie Burchill says what needs to be said about having the television on.
Blogs or indymedia?
There seems to be a difference in how the left and the right take on the possibilities on Internet publishing.
Check out these articles on Internet self-publishing:
Justin Raimondo: THE WARBLOGGERS
Justin Raimondo: 'CRONY CAPITALISM' & WAR
Tim Cavanaugh: Let Slip the Blogs of War
Theta Pavis: The rise of the Independent Media Center movement

Bear with me with some generalisations for the next paragraphs. The left strategy is to build 'independent' media, make our own news, tape our own videos. The IMC's are about writing the newsstories on the news we make, as activists. The right-wing blogger scene are more concerned with commenting on newsstories found in the corporate media.

I'm onto something, but I have to think more about it. Hold your breath...

CMKP deplores action against peasants
"The Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (CMKP) here on Monday condemned district administration's action against the peasants of Charsadda and registration of cases against the party's general-secretary , Afzal Khamosh, provincial president Nisar Khan and about 120 other peasant leaders under Anti-Terrorism Act. "
Students Demand Wars in Easier-to-Find Countries
A great satirical piece this one: "A delegation of American high school students today demanded the United States stop waging war in obscure nations such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and instead attack places they've actually heard of, such as France, Australia, and Austria, unless, they said, those last two are the same country."


Which ten commandments?
Legislators in South Carolina wants to hang 10 commandments in every class room. But which version?
David Horowitz Rewrites the Past
Ran HaCohen debunks Horowitz' anti-palestinian propaganda.


US Navy ships collide in Arabian Sea
Remember the submarine that sank the japanese fishing vessel last year? Now it has crashed with another US military ship in the Gulf...
Med students ordered to speak English
Stupid globaliztion:"Administrators at the University of Oslo's medical school have ordered their advanced-level would-be doctors to speak only English during the semester that begins this week. All lectures, exams, group discussions, papers and even casual conservation must be in English." Meanwhile, reactionary plans afoot to make Norwegian compulsory for citizenship.
The New McCarthyism
Free speech is under threat when the 'war on terrorism' is fought.
Green Berets kill disarmament force
Different factions in afghanistan now seem to use misleading intelligence to et US forces to kill off competitors...


Red Army Blew Away Hitler
On this the International Holocaust Memorial Day it's fitting to remember the liberators of Auschwitz, Red Army.
US out of the Philippines
"The purported military aid, arms transfers and training that the Philippine armed forces will acquire from the U.S. should not be used as a lame excuse for deeper American armed intervention in the country and to violate the nation’s sovereignty. To paraphrase the line of militant people’s organizations, “puppetry” should not be made as a substitute for a nation’s integrity and independence." writes Bobby Tuazon.
The US has a bad record in the Philippines. Read about the Filipino-American war.