FAIR: Euphemisms for Israeli Settlements Confuse Coverage
"The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported last month (5/31/02) that at the behest of a Likud party minister, the Israel Broadcasting Authority has banned its editorial departments from using the terms "settlers" or "settlements" on radio and TV. According to Ha'aretz, "it is not clear if the editors will obey the order," which was seen as an attempt by the new IBA director to curry favor with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. What does seem clear is that settlements-- housing built on land illegally seized by Israel after the 1967 war-- are such a contentious issue within Israel that the Israeli government would like to stop reporters from even saying the word."


Take It as Red
A new leftist blog. Mission statement:
"Don't expect well-balanced opinions here. I don't give a shit about showing both sides of the story: there's enough woolly liberals out there to do that. That's how the right wing nutters win. This is an unashamedly pinko commie blog."


where can i get avice on how to deal with people that I hate?
I wonder what the guy who searched for this and ended up here got out of his visit...
Does the emperor of wine have any clothes?
Globalizing wine.
Aftenposten Peace, not problems, from protest march
"Over 10,000 demonstrators marched in downtown Oslo's streets on Monday evening as part of a massive protest against the World Bank's research conference.

The colorful demonstration set off from Oslo's central train station at 6:30pm, half an hour later than planned, and defied public fears by proceeding peacefully. Police forces were massed at a nearby quay ready to move in case of violence.
Despite elaborate preparations for rioting, the uniformed police presence was muted, and remained in the background."

Ann Coulter: Left Is 'out to Destroy the Country'
This is such a good parody. Newsmax must be the new "Onion" or something.