US Maoists
Dave Stitt has reorganised his page on US Maoists, a part of his tremendously cool Little Red Café.
New Paris track
From his upcoming 'Sonic Jihad' album, here is a new track by my favourite rapper ever:
Download 'What would you do? MP3 here

Here's the lyrics.

Officials Downplay Terror Suspect
"An American touted by Attorney General John Ashcroft as a significant terrorism figure with plans to detonate a radioactive bomb is probably a "small fish" with no ties to al-Qaida cell members in the United States, law enforcement officials say.
The FBI's investigation has produced no evidence that Jose Padilla had begun preparations for an attack and little reason to believe he had any support from al-Qaida to direct such a plot, said one of the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity."

How come I'm not surprised?


Downloads Did Not Cause The Music Slump
"Contrary to protests from record labels, piracy is not responsible for the 15 percent drop in music sales in the past two years. According to a new report from Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR), labels can restore industry growth by making it easier for people to find, copy, and pay for music on their own terms. By 2007, digital music revenues will reach more than $2 billion."
Open with caution
Shrinkwrapped books...
"This book arrived wrapped in plastic with a shrinkwrap license on the front," the doctor wrote. "It plainly says that by breaking the seal you agree to the terms of the license and if you don't agree you should return the book unopened. Is this what software licensing has led us to? This license says the book remains the property of Omnicare. Will they come up with a way to remotely disable the book if someone else reads it?"


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