NPA declare Good Friday ceasefire
Congratulations on the NPA 33rd anniversary!
Abe Lincoln and the internet pirates
Disney CEO Michael Eisner namedrops Abraham Lincoln and Vaclav Havel to show us how evil P2P-filesharing is. The Havel-bit is a real gem:
"Mr Havel, president of post-cold-war Czech Republic, wrote in 1995: "The separation of executive, legislative, and judicial powers, the universal right to vote, the rule of law, freedom of expression, the inviolability of private ownership ... enable man to live in dignity, freedom, and responsibility.""
What president of a capitalist country hasn't said something like this?


Food drops found to do little good
An obvious story.
Missing Manic: Feet found
Have they found Richey Edwards' feet?
Poto passed in joint session of Parliament
Draconian anti-terrorist laws passed in India.
The Social Props of Bush's Terrorist War
A good article from the Ray O. Light group.
Liisas Skanlog
Wow. It's a German blog on a Swiss domain devoted to Scandinavia, and mostly Norway, it seems. Thanks for the permalink, Liisa!
The great game email list
For those of you who are interested in the the oil-and-gas-pipelines approach to the war in Afghanistan, like mentioned here, a good email list to join would be The great game.


"Tribal Leaders in Pakistan Warn the U.S. to Keep Out
Tribal leaders from the treacherous mountainous areas along the border with Afghanistan have an unambiguous message for American commanders who have suggested that they might enter the region in pursuit of Al Qaeda fighters: Don't"