The strange battle of Shah-i-Kot
I've looked for this kind of article! Brendan O'Neill goes through all the stories on the Shah-I-Kot battle. This is a must-read.

UPDATE: Comment from Jak.


Paris returns
My all time favourite rapper Paris returns after several years out of the spotlight and some not so good records. He has returned to the more poltiticised lyrics of the earliest albums too... this looks very promising indeed.
EFF: Chilling Effects of Anti-Terrorism
The Electronic Frontier Foundation tracks attacks on free speech, and lists website shutdowns and information removals.
Marines to face guerrilla war as Taleban fighters change tactics
As I've said all the time, the war is just beginning. And as I've also said a lot: the basic ideas of protracted people's war are still valid - the US hasn't beat the Afghan resistance despite their enourmous armory.


Norwegian weblogs
Remco Brink has made a good directory to Norwegian weblogs, so I changed my link to his site in the bar to the left.
Only three Norwegian blogs are listed in the Pepys directory...
The Wild growth of the weblog
An article in Norwegian on weblogging.


War on terror: Burma next?
"The United States has declared the Wa drug dealers are important targets in the war on terrorism, a significant policy change that could put the Burma-based narcotics cartel in the US bullseye.

Diplomatic sources in Bangkok said it was clear US policy in the region is quickly evolving, and will put pressure on Burma to strike fast and hard against drug kingpin Wei Hsueh-kang or risk intervention from outside."


Hidden Buddha may have survived
Good. A buddha statue the Taliban disn't get round to destroying!


St. Patrick's day special
Brendan O'Neill: Paddywhackery goes global

"Thanks, but no thanks. If Irishness is nothing more than an attitude, a football top or the right colour hair dye from a bottle, you can keep it. I'll pretend to enjoy a few pints of the black stuff on Sunday - but I won't pretend to be Irish."