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Aaargh. We were robbed. I'm not happy.

UPDATE: After a night to sleep on it, I've decided we weren't thje best team on the pitch. We were the best on the terraces, though:
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Return to Sender -- 55,000 Times
Wried.com story on pro-Israeli email hacks.
U.S. soldiers exchange fire with allied Afghan troops

"The 10-minute firefight began Tuesday night when Afghan soldiers near Zormat district stopped the Americans and asked them for a password required for traveling on roads after a 9 p.m. curfew, Afghan commander Abul Matin Husainkhil said by satellite phone from nearby Gardez.

He said that the Americans did not know the password and that the two sides briefly fired at each other with automatic weapons."


Google Quiz
A good idea, but I can't be arsed to search for the answers...
Christian's work goes down a bomb
"The schoolboy whose GCSE coursework was blown up in a terrorist alert which closed Birmingham's New Street station discovered today that he had still passed his exam."

Nobody believed me when I told an almost exact same story to my teacher...

Ford Testifies to Stop Ride Sharing
"Washington DC - William Ford Jr., CEO of the Ford Motor Company testified before Congress about the nationwide problem of ride sharing. Ford cited ride swapping as the number one reason for the the company's declining revenue. "These 'pool pirates are depriving Ford of rightful income. Three sometimes four people are sharing rides. Less wear and tear on the cars means fewer new car purchases. That's revenue that's being robbed from Ford."
Yes, it's satire, but a good one.
The Communist-Iraqi Fifth Column
This is a must-read! according to the author, the revolutionary left in the US managed to dissuade Bill Clinton from attacking Iraq... If only...


No animal rights!
Brendan O'Neill has a good answer to all the animal rights people who have turned on him for admitting a bit of cruelty to animals in his youth.
"If I ever see sheep marching for their rights, I might support them. Until then I'll see them as nothing more than the source of woolly jumpers and tasty meat."
(scroll down for this piece)
Abu Sayyaf seizes 6 Christian preachers
What a fine job the US soldiers did...
Back from the dead: UK's new language
Cornish lives. Yay!
Wireless channel use sets up turf battle
One more reasn why I'm not looking forward to Starbucks coming to Oslo...


Australian postal service is up sheet street
"Toilet paper rationing in the workplace is the latest curious directive from the Australian postal service. Union leader Jim Metcher said a New South Wales manager on a cost-cutting drive shot off a "one sheet is enough" directive to sorting office staff."

Workers of the world, wipe!
Norwegian No-parties to improve Brussels network

The EU-critical parties are for opening a parliamentary office at the European Parliament in Brussels. The yes-saying parties are against...


Harry Steele
A new blog by Harry Steele, "For those of you who haven't come across me in various far-left online forums, let me introduce myself. I am a communist. The proper sort mind, not a trendy 'eurocommunist' not some career-minded 'reform communist', not a former communist turned government or World Bank adviser (you know who you are!).
Yep, I am a good old fashioned commie. Give me a bottle of rum, a Cuban beach and a hammer and sickle and I'm your man."