The USA can't help
"Like all US foreign policy, the USA's latest intervention into the Middle East is self-serving. It has less to do with what is happening in Israel or the occupied territories than with boosting America's standing on the world stage. The USA's role in the Middle East was always instrumental to its broader foreign policy concerns - and that remains the case today." writes Brendan O'Neill. A refreshing counterpoint to the many calls for *more* US intervention - as if the US hasn't had their hands in this situation from the start.
Majority of Norwegians support palestinians
"A fresh poll shows a large majority of Norwegians now support the Palestinians in the Middle East crisis."


News from Nepal
The Maoist Information Bulletin 3 is out.
Here is an online English-to-Norwegian translation service. I'd be thrilled to find a service doing Norwegian-to-[Any language]. Are there any out there?
More news from Palestine etc.
Tom Kristensen does a swell job collecting newsstories from the war on Palestine. Several stories in Norwegian too, for those not scandinavically challenged.
Jaks daily Palestine death toll
Jak from Vancouver publishes a daily update on the casualties in the second intifada. It's a great service, so check it out.


Slow blogging during easter
Spent my time eating and watching TV, without an Internet connection for miles around. So no blogging during the easter holidays.

The People's Blog - Countdown to the Revolution
Bjørn Stærk does an April's Fools Day version of his site. It's far better than the original, Bjørn!