News on Venezuela coup
Chavez did NOT resign:
Election pledge for Venezuela
"Chavez's version

Military leaders said Mr Chavez resigned at their insistence after he ordered troops and civilian gunmen to fire on a crowd of more than 150,000. At least 13 people died and more than 240 were injured. But Mr Chavez's daughter insisted he was the victim of a coup. "It is a lie, all lies. He said he never resigned, that a group of military took him away and he is being held incommunicado," she said. Mr Chavez won a landslide victory in 1998, six years after he led an abortive coup as a young paratroop officer. Following events of the last few days, oil production and distribution are beginning to return to normal for the world's fourth-largest oil producer after workers abandoned their action."

[NB!] But PDVSA has suspended oil exports to Cuba in protest at Havana's support for Mr Chavez who agreed cheap rates with President Fidel Castro.

U.S. gasoline prices tumble as Chavez exits
"U.S. oil prices fell heavily for the second straight day on Friday as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez' resignation eased disruptions at the key U.S. supplier and brightened drivers' hopes for cheaper gasoline at the pump this summer."
The Axis of "Libertarian" Evil
Justin Raimondo on pro-Israel libertarians and randians, like fellow Norwegian Fredrik K.R. Norman.


Report from Colombia/Venezuela
Insightful report from Colombia on the recent events in Venezuela.
Businessman to head Venezuelan transitional government
This is a sad development. Viva Chavez! Viva la revolucion bolivariano!
Norwegian state backs off on tough anti-terrorism measures
"Criticism from Norway's top public prosecutor has prompted the Justice Minister to reject proposals for use of untraditional methods to fight terrorism. Nor will there be any general prohibition against planning or preparing terrorist acts."

But still no definition of terrorism, or what terrorist acts which would not be covered by ordinary criminal law...
Call me middle-class and I'll punch you
Hard-hitting class analysis from Julie Burchill.
Palestine Militias Rising
Very interesting article on the Palestinian resistance in The Nation.


A quarter of US bombs missed target in Afghan conflict
"One in four bombs and missiles dropped by the US on Afghanistan may have missed its target, but the 75% success rate was higher than those achieved during the Kosovo and Gulf wars, according to the first assessments made by the American military."


My review of Squidlink

This review is part of the Peer-to-Peer Review project.

Squidlink is a typical personal blog. It mostly revolves around what Canadian Marc Kelsey does everyday.

He states that "I decided to set up this website because it combines my interests in writing, left-wing politics, arguing and computers.", and I would've enjoyed the blog more if these interests took up more of the blog.

I guess if you know Marc, you'll enjoy the blog, and it's quite well written. It's a fairly well designed too, although the coulour scheme is hard to read.

There is a webcam there, but on the whole there aren't many extras.
Philippine army kills rights group leader, members
"The deputy secretary general of human rights group Karapatan in Southern Mindanao and three of her companions were killed in what her colleagues described as a massacre perpetrated by military and paramilitary elements in Arakan, Cotabato on Saturday."
In related news:
More than 2,600 US troops due in Philippines this month
Bjarke på nett
My friend Bjarke Friborg has set up his own blog.
Demo for Palestine
These are pictures from 2500-strong pro-Palestine demo in Oslo April 6th.