A Tribe Is Prey to Vengeance After Taliban's Fall in North
This story reminds me of what happened to the Serbs under 'UN protection' in Kosovo.
Lifelong language learning to replace compulsory school lessons
This will surely make the British more polyglot... not.
Slippery bathrooms floors
Another guy who fell and lost something up his behind...


Dismiss the Killer Government of Gujarat!
The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation on the events in Gujarat.
Zim Watch
Emmanuel Goldstein's continues providing interesting links on the Zimbabwe elections.
Hunters up in arms after EU game proposal
"EU bureaucrats in Brussels are preparing legislation so shocking for Norwegian hunters that they don't know whether to laugh or cry. The EU wants all game butchered at approved plants and immediately frozen. A trained specialist must be in the vicinity to assess the suitability of the game as food. Further, the EU wants to ban giving game to family or friends."

Now, my hope is this: the Norwegian government finally shows some guts and ardently refuses this. If the Eu still pressurizes Norway into this, we'll never, ever vote 'Yes', and most likely the demand to ditch the undemocratic European Economic Agreement will rise. So, for once I say: Go Brussels, don't back down now!

UPDATE: Fellow Norwegian and not-so-fellow Ayn RandianFredrik Norman also comments on this. A right-left convergence if I ever saw one.
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"We were soldiers - Green Beret II
Brendan Miniter: "Mr. Gibson's film, which he might have named "We Were Soldiers, Not Baby Killers," is an argument for honoring the Americans who fought in Vietnam--and what they fought for. John Wayne's 1967 film "The Green Beret" made the same argument, and leftists have despised it since the day it was released. In that film Wayne dared to show the cruelty meted out by the communists and be unabashedly patriotic."

Sunday quake might have been caused by bombing
Can this really be true?
Women Rebels in Nepal
In the run-up to the International Women's Day 8th March, here's a Li Onesto story from Nepal.
Kostunica attacks Milosevic trial
"There has been little legality but much shallow, superficial... and often forged quasi-history."
German government angry at U.S. Military
"German officials on Monday expressed their extreme displeasure about the U.S. military announcement that elite German forces had joined the largest ground offensive launched in the war against terrorism in Afghanistan.

A spokesman for the Defense Ministry, Franz Borkenhagen, said officials considered the American "contribution" to be unhelpful. "I am speaking in a reserved manner. I would have preferred that the information about the German deployment in this operation had not been released in this form," Mr. Borkenhagen said."


Closed disinformation agency can't convince staff it's closed
"Washington, D.C. (SatireWire.com) — Following Tuesday's announcement that the Pentagon had closed the controversial Office of Strategic Influence, which allegedly was created to spread false information abroad, the agency said it has been unable to convince OSI employees to stop reporting for work."
CPI (ML) Liberation to organise rally against Gujarat riots - The Times of India
Good to see revolutionary forces organise against this awful communalism.
Afghans aghast as US military chiefs blunder into ambush
Not so tough on the ground, eh?
Norway out of Afghanistan!
An unlikely slogan if I ever heard one. Sadly, it needs to be shouted out.
Bravenet down, me down
Due to Bravenet being down, this page hasn't loaded over the weekend. Arrgh. Arrgh.
Well, it's not been updated either has I've had a net-free weekend. It felt very strange...