Fighters Shadow NYC Bound Airliner
Canadian fighter planes escort an Indian jet liner en route to New York. UPDATE: The plane has landed, and the FBI interviews the 'suspicious passenger'.
Mühlegg: "Extra-terrestrials helped me”
Aha. So it's just some other kind dope he has taken...
Don't want to be slobogoogled?
Try the steps on this page if you want some information about yourself removed from Google.
The 'axes of evil'
Bush see the 'axes of evil' in Korea.
We need to execute people to scare the liberals
So many people search for the above lin I moved it up front.
I dont' know why people are looking for this story now. Is it because of this wsws.org article?
Kyrgyzstan: Pay your way out of the army!
"But if the conditions are disagreeable, a payment can be done to avoid the conscription. The law says, “it is necessary to do a payment at the rate of an annual maintenance of one soldier in the national army.” The authors of the project estimated the sum at the rate of $520 (25,000 Kyrgyz som)."
Settlers bury palestinians in pigskin
"Jewish residents of the settlements of Gush Katif and Efrat say they defiled the corpses of Palestinian terrorists with pork byproducts "to deprive them of the fruits of paradise," the London Daily Telegraph reported."
Vålerenga - ManUre 30/7
Yeah, I know, it's only a show-game, but still: I do look forward to see VIF give Manchester United a trashing this summer.
UPDATE: Beckham as hindu god!
Slobogoogling for profit and pleasure
On this page a guy called Ben Sheriff has set up a slobo-googler - a page where all the names in a petition in support of Slobodan Milosevic are added to a google.com search query. Obsessive?
The slobogoogle blog is still added too.
Some people have aired their opposition to this rather strange 'meme'.


Bootlegs, remixes and sampling madness
Fantastic resource of mash-ups and bootleg remixes.
Maoists resemble al-Qaeda, says US Ambassador
So, the US will go after the CPN (M) too?
Terror prisoners escape military tribunals

"[USA] has failed to compile evidence identifying any of the 500 prisoners it is holding from the Afghanistan war as suitable candidates for a military tribunal, the Pentagon conceded yesterday."


New Front on Ecoterror?
This is incredible: People for Ethical Treatment of Animals discussed for inclusion on list of terrorist groups.
Surveillance by Secret Service more extensive than assumed
This short piece really doesn'y tell the whole story: out of the 446 people who have been allowed to access their Secret Service-files, over 200 have been illegally surveilled Tens of thousands of names are in those filing cabinets...
US Army Coloring Book
See it to (dis)believe it!
'Crazy american bastards: a Korean history lesson
James Heartfield's weekly column, this time on a North Korean-US incident in 1976.


Norwegian sports boss threatens to quit over doping scandal
"Norway's top athletics official is furious over what he sees as a lukewarm reaction to drug use by three Olympic athletes. Unless they're stripped of all their medals, he says he'll quit."