Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, asks after reading this piece by Fredrik Norman: "Are there any anti-Israeli leaders in Norway who aren't former Communists, or Nazi sympathizers, or both?"

The main speaker at this saturday's demo in Oslo for peace in the Middle East will be Jens Stoltenberg, chairman of the Labour Party.

Also, veteran Conservative leader and former PM Kåre Willoch is outspoken on Israel and Palestine. In this Dagbladet interview he says: "Yassir Arafat is criticized for not getting paople to reconcile with the occupation. The Americans doesn't know what occupation is, not having suffered it themselves recently. It seems some Norwegians also does'nt understand what it is. It's sad seeing Norwegian politicians appeal to both sides for peace. they should have seen long ago that doesn't help. Israel must pull out of the occupied territories. The Palestinians must get their own state. The border to Israel must be approximately the ones from before 1967. First then can there be a lasting peace."

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