Those big stars just don’t get Jon Stewart
"Instructing the audience to not pirate films, Stewart referred to the rich and lavishly dressed audience and said, "These are the people you're stealing from." Those people did not find his remark funny."

Hahaha! Eg såg ikkje Oscarutdelinga, men eg skulle gjerne sett ein halvtime med Jon Stewart som fortel vitsar til Hollywood-fiffen dei ikkje forstår. Så kunne dei droppa utdelingane og takketalane innimellom.

TILLEGG: Gold-Flecked Soup? It's Oscar Time!
"More will be spent on this one night than was spent to make "Crash" and "Capote" combined. Even the celery broth is sprinkled with gold.

"Everyone's going to get soup like that, with 24-karat gold leaf on top," said Wolfgang Puck, who is in charge of catering the governor's ball."

Sellerisuppe med gull? Er det rart dei ikkje har humor?

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